One of my favorite subjects to work in is portrait. I create 100% handmade and unique portraits using a mixed media consisting of pencil drawing and collage.

The main features are entirely drawn in pencil (eyes, mouth, nose, ears) while the rest of the portrait is made with paper cuttings, reproducing the form of the hair, the clothes and other details.

The papercut is an art that gives special attention to the richness of detail (photos 3, 4, 5).

I work in different sizes and delivery dates may vary from 2 to 5 weeks depending on the order itself and my workload at the time of placing the order.

For further information about the price, the size or any other details of the artwork, please contact me by:
- Instagram PM : https://www.instagram.com/helenapallaresillustration/
- Email : pallares.helena@gmail.com
- This contact form: https://helenapallaresillustration.bigcartel.com/contact

Produced in Paris, France

© Helena Pallarés 2019